The Oscar Goes To...

(I'm going to spend some time making up for that cliche'd title there.)


*record scratch*

Hold on. I gotta re-do some points.


Huh. Just like the ending of La La Land, they got to imagine a version in which they won, followed by reality in which they didn't. They played it gracefully.
(Someone's probably already said that on Twitter. I'll add it in here if I find it.)


The final results show Katie took the cake, going right up against Erin all the way. Mark and Sally surged at the end with Moonlight fighting Steve Harvey off the stage. It's an impressive spread of scores, and here are some of the stats:

Documentary Short: 3 / 13
Live Action Short: 3 / 13
Original Screenplay: 6 / 13
Makeup and Hairstyling: 1 / 13
Film Editing: 1 / 13
Sound Editing: 2 / 13
Sound Mixing: 3 / 13
Visual Effects: 6 / 13
Original Song: 4 / 13
Animated Short: 5 / 13
Costume Design: 1 / 13
Actor in a Leading Role: 5 / 13
Best Picture: 2 / 13

Thank you to everyone for playing. Stay tuned for more drafts as I get ideas for them! If you have any ideas, by the way, please send them my way and I'll look into making it happen.