The Salter Academy Awards Draft!

The Salter Academy Awards Draft!


Just a fun thing to do during the Academy Awards season.


If you have this URL, it's for you.


Do you need a reason?


Click this link to access the form and add yourself to the game!
Here's the scoop: choose who you think the winner will be, and you'll be awarded points for each correct prediction.
The awards are all given a score value, varying from 1 for most awards, up to 10 for Best Picture.
The points are completely arbitrary, and based upon how much I pay attention to that particular category. You're welcome, film editors. Good luck.

May we see who eveyone else picked?

Yes. Once voting closes on February 25, the full list of everyone's picks will be posted below the scoreboard.
That gives me enough time to wrestle with Google Sheets.

What's with your website design?

Oh, you thought I would make this look nicer between the College Football Draft and today? Yeah, I didn't.

It's still Markdown, at least.


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