The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl!

The Scores as of 1/3. 

The Scores as of 1/3. 

The Granddaddy of them all did not disappoint, and at the end of a very exciting game, USC came out on top. This was a five-point game, and our players favored USC, so most point totals have jumped up together. Oklahoma, expectedly, bested Auburn in the Sugar Bowl, which was a more balanced field as far as our selectors are concerned.

Rounding out the day, Kendall would prefer not to talk about Outback Bowl, so we won’t. Wisconsin did their job in the Cotton Bowl, where only one person picked them to lose.

Kendall is now the sole leader with one game left to go. I'm still down there after my disastrous NYE, and the top of the chart is still pretty close. Six of our players are still eligible to win, with Alabama and Clemson ready to go head-to-head on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the conclusion!