My Bracket is Ruined

Well, I had a disastrous day on New Year's Eve. I lost almost all my games, but most importantly, if Clemson doesn't take the National Championship game, I'm hosed. Kendall, in his true-to-form style, has already conceded.

The Scores as of 1/2.

The Scores as of 1/2.

He's in first place right now.

So, yeah, Alabama beat Washington, allowing maddeningly smug Nick Saban to keep it up. Meanwhile, Ohio State got clobbered. Normally, I don't mind that outcome, but for some reason, I thought they'd take the game. Oh well.

The New Year's Day bowls will be played today, so plenty of chances for luck to change, but I'm in a tough spot. For today, get out there and enjoy the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade!