After several great games, the pool is still very tight.

The socreboard as of 12/31.

The socreboard as of 12/31.

Colorado's loss to Oklahoma knocked out another Pac-12 team, and now I'm in the uncomfortable position of rooting for USC in the Rose Bowl out of conference loyalty. Also, Penn State's less than stellar personnel history.

The 12/30 matches were, on average, evenly matched, with the exceptions being two people who voted against Stanford (in a surprisingly close game), two people pulling for Nebraska. The Orange Bowl, with its traditional terrible halftime show, was an upset with Florida State eeking out a win against a strong come-back threat from Michigan. I just want to see the tomahawk chop die. Alas, only two people saw that coming, so Mark made up for his ill-advised pick against Stanford.

Kendall has seen a bit of redemption, as he's jumped up to join Caleb and Erin at 19 (Caleb climbing due to his pick of Florida State).

Today is where it gets really fun, with the playoff bowls and their five-point values, coming into play. Since these games also inform the championship game, some will be knocked out of contention for the Championship pick. Don't worry, though, it's not a Golden Snitch; you're still in the game until it's over!