The Picks

Here we go! The picks are in, and there are nine participants in the first(ish) Salter Bowl Draft. I'll be updating the page with movers and shakers after each game day, and you can follow along by subscribing to this blog, if you'd like.

Some stats: 

  • No bowl games have a 100% prediction.
  • Ohio State is favored to win the National Champion game with 44% of the vote. Alabama is #2 with 33%. Washington and Clemson are tied at 11%.
  • That said, 44% of Drafters picked Washington to win their game. Kendall would call this voting with your heart instead of your brain. Along the same lines, Ohio State, the majority pick for Champion, is only 44% to Clemson's 55% in their game. It's almost as if this is entirely un-scientific.