December 17: Bowls of Little Consequence

You have to start somewhere, right?

Two of the December 17 games, the Camellia Bowl and the Cure Bowl were what I'm calling "Underdog Winners;" that is the team with the fewest number of votes in our draft won the game. This is where our scores will start to diverge, but it's day one, so give it some time. 

Mark, Lauren, David, and Alyssa are one point above the rest of the pack. Nobody has a perfect game, with everyone suffering at least two losses here.

Plenty more games to play. Our next game is the Miami Beach Bowl on Monday night. Stubhub informs me that tickets are available from $76, if anyone's on their way to Marlins Park in Miami.

The Scoreboard as of December 17.

The Scoreboard as of December 17.