The Oscar Goes To...

(I'm going to spend some time making up for that cliche'd title there.)


*record scratch*

Hold on. I gotta re-do some points.


Huh. Just like the ending of La La Land, they got to imagine a version in which they won, followed by reality in which they didn't. They played it gracefully.
(Someone's probably already said that on Twitter. I'll add it in here if I find it.)


The final results show Katie took the cake, going right up against Erin all the way. Mark and Sally surged at the end with Moonlight fighting Steve Harvey off the stage. It's an impressive spread of scores, and here are some of the stats:

Documentary Short: 3 / 13
Live Action Short: 3 / 13
Original Screenplay: 6 / 13
Makeup and Hairstyling: 1 / 13
Film Editing: 1 / 13
Sound Editing: 2 / 13
Sound Mixing: 3 / 13
Visual Effects: 6 / 13
Original Song: 4 / 13
Animated Short: 5 / 13
Costume Design: 1 / 13
Actor in a Leading Role: 5 / 13
Best Picture: 2 / 13

Thank you to everyone for playing. Stay tuned for more drafts as I get ideas for them! If you have any ideas, by the way, please send them my way and I'll look into making it happen.

Halfway through?

Results at halfway

Results at halfway

We're around halfway through the telecast, and it's been pretty tight at the top of the leaderboards. I wish there was a better way to post the analytics from Google, but here's a few:

Most frequently missed awards:
Makeup and Hairstyling: 1 correct
Film Editing: 1 correct
Costume Design: 1 correct
Sound Editing: 2 correct
Sound Mixing: 3 correct

The upcoming awards come with high point values, so will show quite a bit of churn at the top. Hang on!

The Picks

Some quick stats, since this is about to start:

Best Picture: 
La La Land: 76.9%
Moonlight: 15.4%
Manchester By The Sea: 7.7%

Denzel Washington: 61.5%
Casey Affleck: 38.5%

Emma Stone: 76.9%
Meryl Streep: 15.4%
Natalie Portman: 7.7%

I'll be updating live!

The Salter Academy Awards Draft!

The Salter Academy Awards Draft!


Just a fun thing to do during the Academy Awards season.


If you have this URL, it's for you.


Do you need a reason?


Click this link to access the form and add yourself to the game!
Here's the scoop: choose who you think the winner will be, and you'll be awarded points for each correct prediction.
The awards are all given a score value, varying from 1 for most awards, up to 10 for Best Picture.
The points are completely arbitrary, and based upon how much I pay attention to that particular category. You're welcome, film editors. Good luck.

May we see who eveyone else picked?

Yes. Once voting closes on February 25, the full list of everyone's picks will be posted below the scoreboard.
That gives me enough time to wrestle with Google Sheets.

What's with your website design?

Oh, you thought I would make this look nicer between the College Football Draft and today? Yeah, I didn't.

It's still Markdown, at least.


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The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl!

The Scores as of 1/3. 

The Scores as of 1/3. 

The Granddaddy of them all did not disappoint, and at the end of a very exciting game, USC came out on top. This was a five-point game, and our players favored USC, so most point totals have jumped up together. Oklahoma, expectedly, bested Auburn in the Sugar Bowl, which was a more balanced field as far as our selectors are concerned.

Rounding out the day, Kendall would prefer not to talk about Outback Bowl, so we won’t. Wisconsin did their job in the Cotton Bowl, where only one person picked them to lose.

Kendall is now the sole leader with one game left to go. I'm still down there after my disastrous NYE, and the top of the chart is still pretty close. Six of our players are still eligible to win, with Alabama and Clemson ready to go head-to-head on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the conclusion!

My Bracket is Ruined

Well, I had a disastrous day on New Year's Eve. I lost almost all my games, but most importantly, if Clemson doesn't take the National Championship game, I'm hosed. Kendall, in his true-to-form style, has already conceded.

The Scores as of 1/2.

The Scores as of 1/2.

He's in first place right now.

So, yeah, Alabama beat Washington, allowing maddeningly smug Nick Saban to keep it up. Meanwhile, Ohio State got clobbered. Normally, I don't mind that outcome, but for some reason, I thought they'd take the game. Oh well.

The New Year's Day bowls will be played today, so plenty of chances for luck to change, but I'm in a tough spot. For today, get out there and enjoy the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade!


After several great games, the pool is still very tight.

The socreboard as of 12/31.

The socreboard as of 12/31.

Colorado's loss to Oklahoma knocked out another Pac-12 team, and now I'm in the uncomfortable position of rooting for USC in the Rose Bowl out of conference loyalty. Also, Penn State's less than stellar personnel history.

The 12/30 matches were, on average, evenly matched, with the exceptions being two people who voted against Stanford (in a surprisingly close game), two people pulling for Nebraska. The Orange Bowl, with its traditional terrible halftime show, was an upset with Florida State eeking out a win against a strong come-back threat from Michigan. I just want to see the tomahawk chop die. Alas, only two people saw that coming, so Mark made up for his ill-advised pick against Stanford.

Kendall has seen a bit of redemption, as he's jumped up to join Caleb and Erin at 19 (Caleb climbing due to his pick of Florida State).

Today is where it gets really fun, with the playoff bowls and their five-point values, coming into play. Since these games also inform the championship game, some will be knocked out of contention for the Championship pick. Don't worry, though, it's not a Golden Snitch; you're still in the game until it's over!

It's Getting Exciting

The scores as of 12/29.

The scores as of 12/29.

Here we go! Since the past update, several lesser bowls have played, including the first bowls with Pac 12 entrants. The biggest movers and shakers for these bowls were the Quick Lane Bowl, with Boston College besting Maryland. In our poll, only 22 percent of entrants picked Boston College as the winner. The Cactus Bowl, with Baylor handily defeating Boise State, had the same split. The Military Bowl, where Wake Forest eeked it out over Temple, had a similar disparity as only 33 percent of entrants picked the correct winner.

The biggest upset, however, was the Holiday Bowl. Only one person (yay, Erin!) correctly picked Minnesota to win. Being the first Pac 12 game, she gains two points. Way to represent, Washington State. Not to be out-done, Lauren gambled and won by being the only person to pick Kansas State in the Texas Bowl. She only got one point for that particular guess, but jumped to third-place position.

Three bowls play today, with the Alamo Bowl being the most consequential. Good luck!

Things happen!

Now this is a game. Since we last spoke, Old Dominion, Louisiana Tech, and Troy all beat their opponents by comparatively small margins. If you voted for any of the teams in these three games, you have a pretty good chance of being right. Unfortunately for you, only the winners get points, so that leads to a major reshuffling of the leaderboard. Your dear administrator and his older brother are leading the charge. Kendall is lagging a bit, which I delight in, since it's probably eating him up that he's not winning this thing by a considerable margin.

We await the traditional Christmas games, taking place on Monday because Jesus or something. Isn't Christmas enough of a holiday, or does Sunday have some special magic? (Yes, I know. The NFL rules all. What are you gonna do.)

Also, Hawaii won, too.

Dec 19 and 20: Also Other People Play Games

Guys, I don't know what to tell you. The first couple games are not exactly the most fun to try to watch. It doesn't help that these two games weren't exactly close. Tulsa clobbered Central Michigan, while Western Kentucky similarly dispatched Memphis. Looking at these games, if you chose the other teams... well, you maybe weren't paying attention.

Lots of time left! Some of the first Pac-12 games are coming up, which means some varied point values for some of the games. Could be fun! If you want these e-mails, by the way, sign up on the form to the left.

Let's play!

The Scoreboard as of 12/20

The Scoreboard as of 12/20

December 17: Bowls of Little Consequence

You have to start somewhere, right?

Two of the December 17 games, the Camellia Bowl and the Cure Bowl were what I'm calling "Underdog Winners;" that is the team with the fewest number of votes in our draft won the game. This is where our scores will start to diverge, but it's day one, so give it some time. 

Mark, Lauren, David, and Alyssa are one point above the rest of the pack. Nobody has a perfect game, with everyone suffering at least two losses here.

Plenty more games to play. Our next game is the Miami Beach Bowl on Monday night. Stubhub informs me that tickets are available from $76, if anyone's on their way to Marlins Park in Miami.

The Scoreboard as of December 17.

The Scoreboard as of December 17.

The Picks

Here we go! The picks are in, and there are nine participants in the first(ish) Salter Bowl Draft. I'll be updating the page with movers and shakers after each game day, and you can follow along by subscribing to this blog, if you'd like.

Some stats: 

  • No bowl games have a 100% prediction.
  • Ohio State is favored to win the National Champion game with 44% of the vote. Alabama is #2 with 33%. Washington and Clemson are tied at 11%.
  • That said, 44% of Drafters picked Washington to win their game. Kendall would call this voting with your heart instead of your brain. Along the same lines, Ohio State, the majority pick for Champion, is only 44% to Clemson's 55% in their game. It's almost as if this is entirely un-scientific.