Emma's Virtual Choir

You may be aware that due to various circumstances, Sally and Mark (henceforth known as Mom and Dad) were forced to cancel the 31st Annual Caroling Party this year.

I can't leave it at that.

To bring some light into a brutally dark year for our family, I'd like to give Mom, Dad, and Emma the gift of song from our friends. In that light, we're creating a "Virtual Choir" singing the holiday favorite "Carol of the Bells." We will ask you to film yourself (or have someone film you!) singing your part of Carol of the Bells, and we will edit them together to bring forth one mighty choir!

Here's how to participate:

Know the song!

Carol of the Bells is a choral mainstay. Chances are, you all know the same version. To keep everybody in time, we will be using the version from the Disney's Family Christmas Collection album. You can find this linked below:

Set up your video.

If you don't have a fancy camera, don't worry! Your phone, be it an iPhone or Android phone is generally a wonderful camera. In order to make it easier to edit, we need you to do a little bit of set up:

  • Video Settings: Film your video at 30 frames per second (fps)
    • iPhones: Settings -> Camera -> Record Video -> "1080p HD at 30 fps" or "4K at 30 fps"
    • Android: In "Camera," switch to Video mode, then select More Options -> Picture Size -> "FHD"
  • Try to be closer to your camera or phone
  • Film in "Landscape" (that's horizontal) mode
  • Audio: Try to get the best audio you can!
    • Use your headphones (if you have them)! They can do a great job of making sound better
    • Go to a quiet room or one with as few echoes as possible
  • Film your part solo! It will make it much easier to edit together. If you have multiple people in your family singing, do a video for each!

Sing along with the recording.

  • This will help us keep time, and make sure that everybody is in the same key.
  • This is also where headphones come in handy.

Send us your part!

The easiest way to send us your part is to upload it to Google Drive.

That's it!
Please record and upload your videos by Thursday, December 13. I know it's not a lot of time, but that's the card we've been dealt!

Thank you very much for participating!