The Salter College Football Bowl Draft


Just a fun thing to do during the college football bowl season.


If you have this URL, it's for you.


Do you need a reason?


Click this link to access the form and add yourself to the game!
Here's the scoop: choose who you think the winner will be, and you'll be awarded points for each correct prediction. All games are worth one (1) point, with important (read: my favorite) bowl games being weighted at two (2) points. The College Football Playoff games are given a 5 point value, as is The Rose Bowl, because it's The Rose Bowl. Come at me.
Here's the fun part: the College Football Playoff Championship Game (can we think of a better name?) is worth 10 points, but all four teams are on the list. Good luck.

May we see who eveyone else picked?

Yes. Once voting closes on December 17, the full list of everyone's picks will be posted below the scoreboard.
That gives me enough time to wrestle with Google Sheets.

What's with your website design?

Listen, I'm actually supposed to be doing homework, not putting together a pretty site for a silly football draft.

I wrote this in Markdown, at least.