-144 Hours Remain-

It's been a crazy summer with new jobs, moving into a new apartment, and getting ready for the wedding but it's almost here.  

This past weekend my mom and I finished up the last of the decorations and I'm really excited to see it all come together. Some of these past nights have been sleepless as I try to remind myself to remember little things to do for the next 5 days. I even overslept a half hour this morning from exhaustion so I really can't wait to celebrate and relax during the wedding and honeymoon. 

Andrew and I have been looking over all of the honeymoon activities and he planned a freaking awesome honeymoon. We get to eat at all these fancy restaurants and dress up and the cruise even has a water slide on the ship and a pool with a swim up bar! 

I've been trying to get ready for the wedding in the little free time I have. These past couple weeks I've been laughed at at work as I roll up my sleeves and tan in front of the office on my lunch breaks lol. My co-workers will even sometimes catch me whitening my teeth with those strips in my mouth. I am determined to look awesome on my wedding day! 

I hope you all are as excited as Andrew and I are about the wedding. It's going to be a beautiful summer evening under the stars and I can't wait to share the special night with all of you and my new husband. 

 ~Alyssa <3