Welcome to thesalters.us. Alyssa and I will be using this site to talk about our upcoming wedding, for the most part. After the wedding, this site will be converted to our personal website chronicling the next chapters in our lives.

That sounded sappy.

What I mean to say is that in this age of digital connectivism (a word I just made up), we have the opportunity to catalog our lives through the magic of digital infinity. Sharing with friends, family, and others has become significantly easier as digital technologies and the internet have ingrained themselves deeply into our lives. Rather than shy away from all this as social Luddites, I've chosen to embrace it. Isn't part of the dream of "the future" the ability to communicate and connect? We remember the Bell Telephone videophone sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the frightfully accurate "You WIll" advertising campaign from AT&T 20 years ago, and we remember with them came hope and a insatiable desire to be close to each other despite how far away we're flung.

Indeed, I already use many technologies to connect with my far-flung siblings. Kendall and I participate in Google+ Hangouts as we record features for his fantastic site, Jockscraps.com (seriously, go there). Lauren and I talk via Apple's FaceTime technology through her iPad and my iPhone. David and I send messages back and forth on Twitter. Dad is on Facebook (Dad had us using e-mail before e-mail was even a thing. He's the reason I'm interested in tech in the first place). Even the reclusive Emma shares her artwork on Facebook.

Why the long introduction? I'm not sure. Alyssa and I are starting our lives together in a great age. I imagine us showing this site to our children, one day. They'll be able to see us preparing for our wedding, enjoying our honeymoon, exploring the world, and journeying into parenthood easier than I was ever able to see for my parents. Will it be valuable? I certainly think so.

We're about to launch a YouTube channel with anecdotes from our wedding preparation. Check back for more!