Alyssa Allinson and Andrew Salter are getting married.

Andrew proposed to Alyssa on the balcony of the Dream Suite, above Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, in Anahiem, California on October 17, 2012.

We're excited to share our adventures as we prepare for our wedding. We'll use this site to post news, pictures, and thoughts along the way. 

Thank you for all your support and kind thoughts. Although we are planning a smaller wedding, mostly for family, we'll use this site to keep in touch with our many friends who have made such an impact on our lives.

The Bride and Groom


Alyssa Allinson

Alyssa is so blessed to be marrying Andrew later this August! She currently works as post-production assistant for Fine Bros. Productions, one of the premiere channels on YouTube. She hopes to find a career as an editor in the film industry and can't wait to share these future adventures, as well as many others, with Andrew!

Andrew Salter

Andrew was introduced to Alyssa by a mutual friend on her first day of work at Disneyland. He was first attracted to Alyssa's laugh, which, if you've met her, you'll know he's got a point. Andrew is a Guest Service Manager for Main Street Stores at the Disneyland Resort. Prior to that, he had worked as an attractions host and working lead for 5 years.  His favorite outing with Alyssa involves parking his car at the Green Line station, and riding Los Angeles' Metro Rail system to wherever they feel like that day. 


Erin Swetland

Erin Swetland is the maid of honor. As cousin of the bride, Erin has watched Alyssa grow up, and has shared countless memories together. Their favorites include watching musicals, touring New York, camping on the beach, having sleep-overs, and shopping, of course. Erin lives and works in Washington DC, and just finished her Masters in Public Administration.


Kendall Salter

Kendall Salter is the best man, and one of Andrew's brothers. Over the years, they've sledded dangerously, hiked unwillingly, yelled loudly, and cheered gratefully. He's also gotten Andrew on his side in the most important of battles: life and UCLA athletics. Currently in Boston, he's watched Andrew's relationship with Alyssa blossom into the loving one it has become, and is excited to be part of this fantastic moment for them. 


Becky Dayton

Becky met Alyssa through band in high school when she was a junior and Alyssa was a new freshman. Alyssa came to Becky for advice and Becky quickly became a mentor and good friends. After attending college in Northern California, Becky was happy to get to know the man that Alyssa loves so dearly upon moving back to the area. Becky is very excited to get to be a part of this moment in Alyssa's life!


Lilly Wild

Lilly Wild, a proud honorary Salter, hails from Idyllwild Ca. Having been raised alongside the Salter clan, she has been lucky to share in many of their life events. Still, she has never felt more honored than when Andrew and Alyssa invited her to be a Groomsmaid and is thrilled and so proud to stand by them on their big day. Is there any better way to say it? "I love this family?"


Marianne Carson

Originally from Catalina Island, Marianne met Andrew in 2008 at Disneyland where, four years later, she met Alyssa as her Pirates of the Caribbean trainer. Upon meeting Alyssa, they instantly clicked, and the rest is history.  Andrew and Alyssa are, without a doubt, two of the best individuals she's ever met, and one of the best examples of a couple I've ever seen! So honored to be apart of this special day for them.


Ryan James Basa

Andrew and Alyssa met Ryan at Disneyland and have been great pals ever since. Andrew and Ryan love talking about nerdy things like computers, cell phones, the Internet, and Leo Laporte, and Alyssa and are Ryan always quoting Mystery Science Theater 3000 and workshopping music video concepts for the latest Maroon 5 singles. So it was a no brainer for the two of them to include Ryan in one of the most important moments of their lives.